Looking Past the lens...

this is me, Meg and my husband Brad(my hope is I can one day introduce us as a husband-wife photography team ;)) I've always loved documenting outdoor nature images, until one day my friend asked me to take photos of her wedding! I was BLOWN away (with excitement) by her request and loved the idea of being pushed out of my comfort zone to try something new!
since their wedding day I have learned SO many new things but have especially learned to truly appreciate, love and all that it means.
whether love is shown by grace,  kindness, snuggling, quiet intimate moments, dancing, or laughing, I want to be able to document what love is for you.  
  I am with you on your session to encourage you to just chill, snuggle,
hang out, and have fun!

I LOVE to travel and go adventuring. my dream is to one day shoot a destination wedding, but until them I am based out of the Hamilton/Niagara region. (don't hesitate to contact me, just because you may be out of this region!) 

so, click away, and check out the cool people i've met, and the love that they share for one another!

Photo by young glass photography